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Company Registration Delhi

For industrial development in the capital city, the Delhi government has promoted modern and export-oriented small scale industries that can be easily established in small area. As the capital city is highly populated and it has become tough for the government to allot land to company, but being the heart and capital of country, various company are willing to set up their branches in the city and seeking company registration delhi.

One of the largest commercial zones in the north part of India, the main industries located in Delhi is information technology, telecommunications, tourism. Various national and multinational companies want to open branches in Delhi can contact our company registration services delhi. The capital city has various fastest growing retail industries and due to ease of employ skilled worker, foreign investments are ready to invest money in the city.

Company Registration Services

For company registration services in Delhi, you can contact our legal consultant. Our legal consultant work for providing every type of information related to company registration in Delhi as we have observed that Delhi as a major centre for blooming one business and it help one for getting good business prospective in India and in international level.

For company registration process delhi, our consultant are working well in providing information and making your easy and convenient. With information of company registration cost in delhi, our legal team also provide you the basic information regarding the process of forming company. We will help in you filing your form and dealing with every issue related to company registration.

For company registration, it is necessary for firm to have a minimum number of 2 directors and shareholders. For incorporating partnership for forming a company one has to follow process of limited liability partnership.