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Trademark Registration Jammu Kashmir

Known for sericulture, Kashmir Willow, saffron, the economy of Jammu and Kashmir depend on agricultural product. Kashmir valley is well-known for attractive hilly site is also paradise on earth. This entire factor leads to tourism growth of the state.

For the people engaged in various types of business activities and seeking trademark registration jammu kashmir can visit Delhi office. As Kashmir natives are engaged in agriculture activities and earned famed for sericulture and cold-water fisheries, thus it has become important that their product must be recognized in the national and international market. Wood from Kashmir known as Kashmir willow is used to manufacture cricket bats. Apples of Kashmir are famous all over the world. Kashmir is also known for his saffron that amounts a huge sum of foreign exchange. Wheat, rice, barley, cherries, corn, millets, oranges, peaches, pears, and sorghum are major food products of the reason. People dependent on handicrafts manufacture a standard level of rugs and shawls that are famous in various foreign companies. Our legal team provides trademark registration services jammu Kashmir. If you are willing to get registration of mark for your company then contact us. As we know that Horticulture is one of the important factors of economic growth of the state like above mentioned product.

Trademark Registration Services in Jammu Kashmir

Comprised of capable and experience legal consultant, our team make trademark registration process jammu Kashmir easy for the skilled entrepreneur. Mark is one of the best ways to catch consumer attention as it indicates that product is manufactured by a particular group. Like other part of country, the same rate is applied for trademark registration fees in jammu Kashmir. We will charge an affordable price for our best service and help you in every process of trademark registration in Kashmir. From filing of application till getting approval of mark, our services are there to support you in every step.