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LLP Registration

Along with the legal services for the limited company registrations, our llp registration services are also hugely popular in all across India, and a large number of other countries located worldwide. Our well-established, globally connected, and galloping legal organization is now an extensively famous and immensely popular IPR law firm of India, with worldwide service coverage and reputation. In ours this very informative and creative webpage, we are forwarding the full range of information about ours brisk and brilliant supportive services for llp registrations, especially in India. Not only in all across India, the limited liability companies are remarkably popular in most of the countries of the world, and in some countries, as is in India also, these form of companies are also known as the limited liability partnership (LLP) companies. The most impressive and outstanding advantages offered by these llp companies are - easier and quicker formation and registration, no recommendations regarding the minimum amount of capital investment by each partner, administration and management of activities are carried out privately as the LLP Agreement, benefits of the limited liability like the corporate limited companies, and certain tax related concessions and exemptions.

Procedure for Incorporation of LLP

For llp registrations in any part of India, concerned supremely is the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the Government of India. The website developed by this MCA for llp registrations is the The llp registration process covers the tasks of selection and consent of partners, making of DPINs and DSCs, approval and reservation of the proposed names of the LLP, filing Forms 2 and 4, drafting and submitting the LLP Agreement through Form-3, preparing all other necessary documents regarding administration and management of the LLP, and offering enlightening support during the whole process of llp registration. All these tasks are proficiently and responsibly performed by ours well-experienced and expert company lawyers, who charge quite reasonable and fully competitive llp registration fees. Here, it may be stated that, the minimum number of partners for formation of a LLP, is two; there being no upper limit to the maximum number of partners to the proposed LLP, in India. Our ace-quality llp registration services are swiftly and economically available for llp registrations in various economic fields, and anywhere in the entire country of India. Ours law firm offers the full breadth of legal and supportive services for business establishment and promotion, and for expanding one's businesses in any field to the national and international levels.