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Trademark Registration Gujarat

With a major campaign, "Fragrance of Gujarat" with Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador, saying "Kuchh din to gujaro Gujarat mein," the Gujarat tourism is promoting various tourist sites of the state and attracting tourist from all over the world. The state is home of rich cultural heritage and it can be reflected in the cultural traditions, music, arts, literatures and various type of fairs and festival.

Beside tourism, it has over thousand of cottage-level and small- to large-scale industry. Self employed population are doing better work and promoting their goods by various sources. For providing trademark registration Gujarat to various companies, government of India has established Trademark office in Ahmadabad.

The clay of Gujarat is popular all among the world and a large number of populations produce good quality of pottery. The state is also known for the production of fine furniture and manufacturing of electrical goods, electric motors and rice cleaning mills.

Trademark Registration Services in Gujarat

As a large number of population of the state are working in cottage industry, so we are running various trademark registration services gujarat to help for mark registration. As mark in the form of logo, design, or symbol or any combination of sign or name is used to indicate that the product is manufactured by a particular group. The logo or design of the company is necessary for branding the product in the market and without it customer are failed to identify the goods of company in the presence of similar type of commodity in the market. Our legal team will charge you an affordable rate for the service with trademark registration fees in gujarat. Mark satisfies the consumer and it pulls their attention. With attractive mark and a quality product, one can win confidence of the buyer and can stand in better position in the competition market.