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Private Company Registration

Our fast and responsible company registration services are most used for registration of the private limited companies in various fields of the economy. Again, ours these private company registration services are most utilized in all across India. However, ours ace-quality and speedy company registration services are also very popular in a large number of countries located in all across the world. In ours this diligently crafted webpage, we are offering all vital and very beneficial information about ours superb and punctilious services for private company registrations in all across India. Our law firm located in Delhi, is an internationally admired full-service law firm, which has been exclusively prominent worldwide for its expert and responsible legal services for the company and commercial laws, and the IPR laws.

As in all other countries of the world, the private limited companies are the most popular and highly preferred form of a company in India, for doing business or profession in any interested field, at regional, national, or worldwide levels. A private limited company is run and managed privately, and therefore, it cannot offer its shares to the public, or trade on the stock exchanges, as the public limited companies essentially do.

Procedure for Registration of a Private Limited Company

The private company registration process is simple, and consumes a short period of time. In entire India, registration of the private limited companies is made with vital and supervisory support of the ROC of the concerned State, and as per the rules, regulations, and provisions given in the Indian Companies Act of 1956. The entire process of a private company registration under this predominant company law of India, encompasses the tasks of approval to and reservation of the proposed names of the future company, by the ROC of the related State; preparing documents like DINs and DSCs; drafting of the MOA and AOA of the proposed company; filing all forms and applications in connection with company registration with the ROC; preparing other requisite legal documents; and then offering expert and punctual prosecution for flawless and fast registration of the company. These all tasks are proficiently and adeptly handled by ours internationally reputed company lawyers, from the very beginning to the end of the entire private company registration process. Moreover, they charge quite reasonable private company registration fees from their Indian clients, for company establishments anywhere in the entire country.