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Trademark Watch

With getting approval of trademark, it is primary duty of proprietor to keep watch on the new application seeking registration of mark. As trademark office received various applications seeking registration of symbol for their company, so it gives rise to a situation, where conflict on marks with other new applicants took place. The trademark watch gives right to the proprietor to monitor on the application of trademark registration. It also grants right to the owner of symbol to protect his symbol from illegal uses by other company.

By taking help of our trademark watch services, one can monitor on the pending applications seeking symbol for the company and if required then they can oppose the marks if that conflicts with your proposed symbol. As similar symbol may cause ruckus in market and it can became a problem for the consumer to identify the product manufacture by a particular group, so it is necessary that goods of a particular group must not lose its value in market with similar goods by other company.

Trademark Monitoring and Notification Services

With the help of our trademark monitoring and notification services, one can keep his watch on application of symbol registration. Our services deals with the review of the new trademark filings every month and it insure you that no pending symbols violate or create obstacle on your application for symbol registration. Our legal team conduct search on the symbol that has similar look and other aspects by conducting trademark monitoring. It aware mark owners to protect his intellectual property right. It gives you details of, mark found, clipping of mark and other information including applicant name and date of filing. Our trademark watch services are here for you to give weekly reports directly on monitoring of pending application for mark registration and it also enforce you the right of trademarks.