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LLP Registration India

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) entities introduced in India by the government under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 grants benefit to corporate company and partnership firm to combine and manage in efficient manner with innovative ideas of business. With llp registration india, partners have shareholders in a corporation and it get the right of managing internal and external commercial dealings directly, as per LLP Agreement among the organization.

Under the llp registration, the partners have sole legal responsibility. If any misconduct is done by any of partners, then responsibility of it will not be burdened on the other individual partners. Hence LLP protects from the misconduct done by other individual partners unlawful action. It is a prominent way to do business in national and international level.

LLP Registration Procedure and Services

For registration of LLP, designated partners first have to obtain "Designated Partner Identification Number (DIPN)". For forming a LLP, minimum two partners must have DIPN and one must be resident of India. After forming a organization, apply with an application form for LLP agreement as it is the first step to follow llp registration procedure.

Our legal teams consist of strong law knowledge will help you in various issue dealing with LLP agreement. If you found any difficult then use our llp registration services, we are here to guide you and instruct you for easy way to LLP agreement. We help you in obtaining DPIN and digital signature, filing form and submit it in the registered LLP office established by government of India. Limited Liability Partnership is easy way of combining new business individual initiative with requisite capital.