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Public Company Registration

Generally most of the people are confused over public companies and government owned companies. As Government owned corporation is also known as publically owned corporation and in common language it is called public companies. Whereas Public company here refers to limited liability company that offers securities including shares, loans for sale to the general public. The sale of goods can take place through a typically stock exchange or market makers operators. Depending on the size, Public companies, including public limited companies, are listed on a stock exchange.

For public company registration, one has to follow the same process required for forming private company. The incorporation of public company took under the Companies Act of 1956. The government of India under the companies act has made the rules for establishing public as well as private companies and fixed a nominal rate for public company registration fees.

Public Company Registration Services

One may register a public company with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. Public companies must have three directors, three audit committee members, one juristic or natural company secretary, which must be a resident of India. For a public company, it is the mandatory that its name must have the word "Limited" in the last part.

Keeping the importance of public company, our websites provide public company registration services. Following the public company registration process, Registrars of Companies (ROC), appointed under Section 609 of the Companies Act grants certificate of approval for company formation after examining the documents of Memorandum and Articles of Association and other.