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Trademark Litigation

Generally, with the word litigation, one mind strikes on judicial proceedings. Actually litigation means to contest a legal proceeding before any court to determine and enforce legal rights of any person. The trademark litigation deals with the rights over the mark awarded to a particular group for sale of his product in the market.

As the trademark litigation india has given right to proprietor over the ownership of awarded mark. Same time trademark office also looks after the fraudulent use of trademark as under the prescribed role of maintenance of symbol. The proprietor is the sole owner of the mark and if he finds that mark is being misused by other entities for selling his product or they are using any other expression that conflict with the approved mark, then he can take action against him under law.

Trademark Litigation Services in India

Our attorneys working all over the India are providing legal services to our customers in terms of registration and litigation related to mark. With the instruction given by our trademark litigation services one can approach court for seeking action against the erring person or demands a legal action against the alleged individual for causing loss to him by illegal use of mark.

The trademark litigation attorneys will guide and instruct you for making the trademark litigation process comprehensive. As trademark is not symbol, but mark gives identity to a product manufactured by a particular business entity and differ the goods from other similar commodities and help in maintaining company dignity among consumer. Our team will help one to provide basic knowledge related to handle cases in court.