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Trademark Classes

Classification stands for the process of recognizing and differentiating ideas and objects and for trademark classes, it is used to categorize goods and services of a company. The trademark is used as a indication to seek public attention that goods are manufactured by a particular product from a particular group and it also distinguish the product from other similar products available in the market. For trademark classes in india, the registrar has awarded power to classify goods and services and if he requires, then can take help of international standard for identifying the classification of goods and services for the registration purpose.

Under the norms prescribed in Trademarks Act, 1999, registrar taking note of nature and description of product, divide it, in various group of goods and services. The applicant may request for mark registration either in one or several items depending on the circumstances and norms regulated under the provisions of registration.

List of Trademark Classes in India

For trademark classes list in India, registrar has given absolute right to determine the class of goods and services. The Court can determine the primary nature of the goods by applying a robust and business like test, if required. Depending on the nature and composition of goods, and keeping in mind the uses and functions and the trade channel, where the goods are available, are material circumstances in determining the primary nature of the goods.

As international standard can be used to find out the class of goods and services, same can be followed for making list of trademark classes. We will help in determining class to your mark and supply the information on goods and services. As good falls in one class, then one application is required else for more than one class, one has to chose main class, and file additional applications for registration.