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Trademark Search India

Trademark office was set up by Indian Government for registration and maintenance of trade symbol. As trademark, this can be in any form of logo, design, sign, name, letter or any combination thereof are allotted to a particular group for his product selling in the market , so that it can distinguished look from other similar groups manufacture by different company.

For providing a unique and single look to your mark, our legal team are here to conduct trademark search india. Our efficient penal team deals with various types of work related to registration of mark. For getting a diverse symbol that did not conflict with other existing sign, our team of legal professional are here to hold a research on trademark search. We will provide you with a unique symbol so that your product can be easily identified and it will indicate that goods are manufacture by your company.

Free TM Search India

Our webpage are here to help you for getting free trademark search and online trademark search. Legal associates working all over the India as well as in international level, will first take a note on your proposed symbol. Then after looking on your mark, they will conduct an enquiry for tm search in order to find out that the symbol are allotted to any other company or not.

If they are satisfied that the symbol is unique in the look and it does not conflict with other company's sign after conducting tm search india, then they will approach nearby office for seeking approval of the mark. They will also help in you for maintenance and keep a watch on the illegal use of the mark allotted to your company for the sale of goods in the market.